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Versatility, technology and performance are characteristics of the renowned Fishing Raptor line of speedboats, which has more than 2,500 boats sailing in national and international waters. It is known for uniting safety, high resistance and comfort for those who like to brave the sea.

Fishing Raptor is the main manufacturer of leisure boats, nautical sports and ocean fishing in the country. With its own factory in São José (SC), Fishing Raptor conquered Brazil and several countries for its extremely high resistance, permanent buoyancy, that is, the vessels are unsinkable since they are laminated with expanded polyurethane that seals the layers of the hull, preventing sink even if it is cut in half.

FISHING 390 solarium

The Fishing 390 Solarium combines comfort with beauty and meets all needs for moments of rest and fishing. Considered a new concept of “Utility Boat”, it incorporates a solarium and a double bed to the central console, which makes the most of the spaces for circulation. It also stands out for its fully equipped cabin for meals and overnight stays. In external areas, the spacious stern comes with decks on the sides that facilitate the movement of passengers and access for maintenance of engines that are under the deck, at the rear of the boat.

The boat has an optional closed windshield for greater pilot comfort on rainy days and different coating options. With 11.85 meters in length, the vessel can accommodate up to 16 passengers.

OFFERED AT: $595,000.00

MAKE: Fishing Raptor MODEL: 390 Solarium

YEAR: : 2023 LENGTH: 39ft

BEAM: : 11ft 4in PASSENGERS: 16

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