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Grow your wisdom

Corona Del Mar, California


Wisdom is earned through awareness. Many head out to the racecourse and just sail through one race and onto the next, they just go and don’t grow. They say you have to pay for wisdom by offering your attention. You have to pay attention to all the details around you. You need to learn to grow, to absorb the wisdom which exists around you, the experience which is placed at your feet that few bother to pick up. A good method to attract wisdom is to use a journal. To invest the time at the end of your day on the water to write down those things that you learned and observed. Your big takeaways, was there a side of the racecourse which paid especially well at one point in the day; was it your settings you found accidentally which gave you that extra kick or was it a rules situation which played out in front of you which you never want to play for yourself. Write these down in a journal of your experience and create your own book of wisdom. As once you articulate the idea even if you are just articulating it to yourself it is then that you get it.