17' (5.18m)

Miss Fallen Leaf - 1941 17' CHRIS-CRAFT Barrel Back
Newport Beach California United States
$64,000 USD

Yacht for sale is a 1941 CHRIS-CRAFT 17' "Miss Fallen Leaf" Barrel Back Boats in Newport Beach, California, USA.

The year of reference is 1941, a period characterized by sophistication, tastefulness, and the quest for recreational delights. It was in these times that the Chris-Craft 17' Deluxe Barrel-Back Runabout was unveiled to the globe, a superbly constructed marvel that embodied the spirit of a bygone age. At present, we have the chance to admire the Miss Fallen Leaf, an illustrious specimen of this legendary watercraft, which underwent thorough restoration in 1998, returning it to its prior splendor. Originating from Lake Tahoe, she has exclusively sailed in fresh water. The Miss Fallen Leaf, currently preserved on a spotless custom trailer, is located in Newport Beach, California.

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BUILT 1941
BEAM 7' 2"
MAX SPEED 30 MPH (26.07 Knots)
CRUISING SPEED 15 MPH (13.03 Knots)
LOCATION Newport Beach, California, USA
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Boat Highlights

Miss Fallen Leaf boasts a timeless design that has captivated maritime enthusiasts for decades. From its unmistakable barrel-back hull to its sleek mahogany exterior, this runabout is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of a bygone era. It is a vessel that effortlessly blends artistry with functionality, and one can't help but be enchanted by its presence.

The restoration of Miss Fallen Leaf in 1998 was a labor of love, driven by a desire to preserve the history and elegance of this iconic vessel. Every inch of her was carefully examined and meticulously restored, resulting in an immaculate representation of her original self. From the structural components to the smallest detail, no aspect was overlooked, ensuring that Miss Fallen Leaf would endure for generations to come.

One can't help but appreciate the rich history behind this Chris-Craft runabout. During the 1940s, these boats were sought after by the elite, serving as symbols of status and sophistication. People were drawn to their sleek lines, luxurious interiors, and outstanding performance on the water. Miss Fallen Leaf, with its restoration, allows individuals to recapture the glory days of yesteryear, reliving the elegance and charm that defined an earlier generation.

From its gleaming chrome accents to its plush leather upholstery, stepping aboard Miss Fallen Leaf is like stepping back in time. The attention to detail in her restoration is evident, with every element meticulously recreated to match the original specifications. The varnished mahogany hull, with its deep, warm luster, showcases the unparalleled beauty of wood craftsmanship, speaking to a time when boats were more than just machines ? they were works of art.

Miss Fallen Leaf is not just a mere vessel ? it is a window into a bygone era. In her presence, one can almost hear the laughter and conversations of the individuals who once called her their own. She carries with her the stories of long, lazy days spent gliding across pristine lakes and the memories of joyous moments shared with loved ones.

Perhaps it is this connection to the past that drives enthusiasts to seek out vessels like Miss Fallen Leaf. It is more than just owning a piece of history; it is about preserving and cherishing the traditions and values that these boats represent. The restoration of Miss Fallen Leaf in 1998 has ensured that her legacy endures, allowing new generations to appreciate and experience the grandeur of this iconic vessel.

In conclusion, the 1941 Chris-Craft 17' Deluxe Barrel-Back Runabout, represented by the magnificent Miss Fallen Leaf, is a testament to the timeless allure of classic boats. The painstaking restoration process in 1998 has resurrected the glory and former elegance of this vessel, allowing us to experience and appreciate the craftsmanship and luxury of a bygone era. With every meticulously varnished plank and gleaming chrome accent, Miss Fallen Leaf invites us to explore the beauty and excitement of a bygone era on the water. She is not just a boat but a portal to the past, ready for her next owner to create stories, memories and revel in her charm.

Recent Awards

2015-Tahoe Yacht Club 43rd Annual Concours D' Elegance 2nd Place

2016-Tahoe Yacht Club 44th Annual Concours D' Elegance 3rd Place

2017-Tahoe Yacht Club 45th Annual Concours D' Elegance 3rd Place

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Joshua  Alexander Photo 29115 Side Engel and Volkers Yachting
Joshua Alexander
Engel & Volkers Yachting - California
3636 East Coast Hwy Newport Beach, California, 92625 USA

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